About us

Mónica The Label began with Monica Sotomayor’s vision of offering the modern, voluptuous woman an answer to her wardrobe woes. Striving to be the answer to the bigger than average  girl’s clothing issues, Mónica The Label provides well made, trendy fashion pieces that are also classy, original and versatile.

From a young age, Monica was a self-confessed fashionista who was always dressed to impress at every occasion. After completing fashion studies at the age of 23, Monica began styling and designing for a private clientele in Sydney. By early 2016, Mónica The Label was established with headquarters in Sydney’s city fringe suburb of Waterloo. Inspired by Monica’s own wardrobe woes, being a curvaceous woman herself, Mónica The Label was created largely out of a constant struggle to find flattering, fashionable clothing to fit an hourglass shape and fuller booty.

Fluctuating in size, forever dieting and suffering chronic fatigue, Monica would eventually be diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in her late twenties. After all the years of extreme dieting her body had endured and that never stuck, the diagnosis provided a small sense of relief but most importantly, acceptance. Since being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and learning to accept her body as it is, Monica has put less pressure on herself to diet, exercise and be a smaller size. She now sits at a comfortable and confident size 16.

Most popular retail brands do not allocate for sizes beyond 12-14, meaning there is an underwhelming lack of ‘plus sized’ fashion currently available and most luxury designer brands do not even allocate for size beyond 10, as they simply do not want larger women wearing their label. As a result, Mónica The Label has been born! Monica’s hopes are to increase the confidence of curvy women through the creation of beautiful garments that do not require extreme dieting to fit into. Women deserve to look and feel well dressed and striking at any size.

Designing in today’s market, Monica is thrilled to see the rise of ‘plus sized’ models and the increase of ‘plus sized’ fashion labels beginning to showcase at major fashion events. Fashion is changing and so is the world’s concept of beauty, thanks largely to stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian who make big booties and curvy hips a lusted after ideal. The world needs more confident, curvaceous everyday women who are not afraid to express themselves through fashion.

With the aim to fit and flatter a fuller figure, Monica’s designs are inspired by the hourglass silhouette. Originally, this label was targeted at women sized 12-20 with an hourglass or pear shaped physique and in particular, with a well-endowed derrière, because that was the body type Monica was most familiar with and she felt no label was offering these plus sized body types fitted clothing. Now, with more experience in the plus size clothing industry, Monica has enthusiastically begun designing for a wider range of body types.
Each garment is handcrafted either by Monica herself or locally, within Sydney, using fabrics sourced from local businesses.

Mónica The Label is worn by the woman who unapologetically has extra curves and is confident in her own skin, she does not feel the need to conform to society’s beauty standards. She can flaunt her sexiness and enjoy dessert whenever she wants. *Insert sassy hand motion here*